September 30, 2006

The forecast for today was dry, sunny, and breezy. So I planned a full day on the concrete project. It rained last night and again this morning so I wondered if we were going to get on the project like we planned. On my way home last night I noticed that the landscaper on our blacktop had fresh sod for sale so we also wanted to get back to the new flower garden area to finish it up.

The first project today was inside the shop. The base I poured for the new air compressor had a very rough texture to it so I decided to cover the top of it with ceramic tile so that it can be cleaned. These are 12 X 12 tiles and I laid them close together since there will not be any traffic on them so the grout lines will not get the flexing that a normal floor sees.

When this was completed I picked up the sod and then prepared the area between the new flower garden and the river rock that surrounds the raspberry patch. We had failed to get this area completed when we worked on the new flower garden. My final project was to form the next and final pour of concrete for this year on the patio. Instead of pouring this one in several pieces I will pour this one all at once tomorrow.

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