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Our Big Trip Across the Western US - September 2015

Our annual vacation trip this year has turned into a BIG TRIP that will take in nearly the entire western US. We began with a couple thoughts. The first was to see Brian in Sausalito, CA as we missed him on our last couple trips west and really miss seeing him. I have an aunt and uncle in Riverside, Ca (my mother's brother and his wife) that make trips back here and we really wanted to see them as well. We also remembered Sandy's cousin Denny in the Los Angeles area and since we were going to be in the neighborhood we should include him. Then we thought about Sandy's Aunt Mary (her Dad's sister) who lives in Texas, and that is sort of on the way to Riverside. And last but not least we wanted to get back to Philipsburg, Montana to Gary's place and that is sort of on the way home, right?

Travel Map

So as you can see, the trip sort of grew and indeed became a BIG TRIP!! We have never taken such a long trip when it comes to mileage and days away from home, and figuring out where to stop and sights to see became a bit of a puzzle. So we broke it up into the places to visit and started filling in between those stops. We added the Grand Canyon out of Flagstaff as a day trip but took out the Redwoods between LA and Sausalito as we had a bit of a surprise added to the trip. Gary is flying one way out of Missoula to San Francisco for our visit with Brian and Filaree. He will then join us in the car for the trip to Missoula and then down to Philipsburg once he picks up his truck.

Who knew that google will only allow ten points along any one map? We like their mapping for our trips but this presented a problem trying to show the entire trip, but with a little cut and paste we got to one map starting and ending in Mason City and hitting all the high points along the way. We have not planned anything for our three days in Sausalito as we know that Brian will take care of that for us. The same goes for our two days in Philipsburg. We added Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota as we have never traveled across that state and wanted to drop down through Watertown, SD to finish out the trip. We will be in Estherville on the last official stop of the trip and home in time to go back to work on Wednesday September 30th.

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