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Our trip to Sunset, Utah and Sausalito, California - 2012

Elko to Sunset, UT

Eighth Day

We had a much shorter drive today, we left Elko a little after 8:00 AM and made it to Sunset without a stop along the way. We dropped Gary off at home so he could get organized for work and checked in our motel. Gary had given us some tips on a route to take a scenic drive in the afternoon and it didn't take us long to get it planned out on a map. The goal of today's drive was to record some locations in the Weber River Canyon for our family history research project. JD Breyfogle and other Breyfogle family members traveled by wagon through this area in 1850 headed for the California Gold Rush.

Afternoon drive

We left the motel and took Interstate Highway 84 towards the east and the picture above was taken just prior to entering the canyon. This is the end of the canyon that the gold seekers would have came out of as they stopped here on June 21st for provisions. The wagon train left on the 26th reporting that they can see the "mountain Islands" on one side and snow covered mountains on the other. The Mormon trail follows Interstate 84 and later drops down to Salt Lake on Utah route 65.

Entering Weber River Canyon from the west

We stopped at the Weber Canyon Rest area to take a picture of the Weber River as there is little opportunity to take pictures of the river as it winds along the route of the interstate.

Weber River at Weber Canyon Rest Area

We we got to Morgan (B on the map above) and spotted this pioneer cabin. The plaque indicates that the cabin was the birthplace of Charles R. Stevens, the first white boy born in Morgan county.

Charles R. Stevens Cabin in Morgan

We also saw a burned out church but have no further infomation about its history. But based on the construction details it must be a very early 1900's era church.

Burned out church in Morgan, Utah

We took Utah Route 66 south towards East Canyon Reservoir and were pleased with the show of color from the aspens. With the high wind today it is doubtful that this fall display of color will last much longer.

East Canyon overlook

The reservoir level is very low right now, like much of the country this area needs rain and a good winter with snow to replenish its water. The dam is towards the right side of this picture just outside of the frame.

East Canyon Reservoir

We turned NW onto Utah Highway 65 passing around the reservoir, which is very close to the actual Morman trail in this area. We got back onto I-84 at Henefer (C on the map above) to renter the Weber River Canyon from the east. The picture below shows the Weber River Canyon looking towards the NW, this is the direction that JD Breyfogle would have entered the canyon on his trek into the Salt Lake area.

Entering the Weber River Canyon from the east

The picture below is the Devils Slide area on I-84. We have had pictures of this rugged ridge on previous trips. What makes this significant to today's drive is that the Weber River crosses I-84 just as you enter this exit to the scenic area. The wagon train that the Breyfogle's were on would have had to ford the Weber River at this point as the canyon narrows significantly at this point.

Devils Slide

This final picture shows I-84 as it winds its way through the Weber River Canyon, the path of the gold seekers in 1850. We were able to document these landmarks with only minor problems with rain showers. Tomorrow we head for Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Weber River Canyon and I-84 headed towards Ogden, Utah


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