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Our trip to Naples, Florida

We closed the Monday report on our Naples Florida trip by saying that I would be in a meeting all day Tuesday and that Sandy would be on her own for the day. Sandy took the camera with her today and gets full credit for all the images you will see. She began the day at sunrise from our balcony. Our building is called the Penthouses, but they are far from what we think of when that term is used, and since we donít have a gulf view she was perfectly positioned for this early morning view.

Sunrise in Naples, FL

Having mentioned the hotel building we will show the building we are in. It appears that this building was a stand alone hotel in the years past and that the larger hotel, known as the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club bought out the neighboring property as they went up for sale. We are on the second floor on the north (right) end of the building.

Our hotel, the Penthouse

Beautiful home down the street from the hotel

During a midmorning walk sandy took pictures of a couple of the houses that are located near the hotel. These are quite the homes and fit very well on the Gulf of Mexico.

Another home near the hotel

The last three pictures were taken as the sun set tonight. I was off on a crowded bus for dinner leaving Sandy to fend for herself. She reported that she saw a small dolphin near the shore but was unable to get the camera turned on in time to capture him. Tomorrow afternoon we depart for Sarasota, FL, our last night in Florida.

Sunset on the beach

Bird in flight near sunset

The sun has set

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