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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - August 2014

Our last trip to Gary's cabin left a couple projects unfinished, so what better excuse for a mid-August vacation? Our goal will be to complete our projects with plenty of time to relax and enjoy looking around the Philipsburg area. Our projects include:

  • Install a large cabinet over the LP heater
  • Install a bedroom and storage closet door
  • Build a storage shed

Travel Map

We have planned to make the trip in two days, the short trip from Mason City to Estherville on Friday does not really count as this stop over is more about touching base with Dad before we begin our trip. On Sunday we travel from Estherville to Buffalo, Wyoming and then on Monday we will arrive at Gary's.

Gary has been teasing us that we are NOT to bring a trailer this time. And we agree, so loading the truck with everything was a bit of a trick. The cabinet and doors would not fit inside the truck bed so we needed to add onto the truck. The box on the tailgate provides a waterproof cover and keeps them out of sight on the one night on the road. It is fastened to a temporary plywood floor and will travel back home inside the pick-up. Out of caution we added an additional set of tail lights as the truck lights are blocked a bit and we did not want any issues. The box on top of the bed cover contains the air compressor, which simply would not fit in the truck bed.

Truck loaded to leave

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