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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - August 2014

This was our first official day of work on projects, although Gary and Dan did get most of the large fishing pole cabinet installed Monday night after dinner. There were two primary reasons for this cabinet, the first was to cover up the exhaust and intake pipes for the LP heater that provides all the heat for the cabin. Since this is a super high efficency unit the exhasut must be fan forced and code does not allow it to be vented under a window. So it had to be located high on the wall and since the air flow would not work properly outdoors it had to remain in the heated space.

Fishing Pole Cabinet

The second criteria was to provide ample storage for fishing poles and other fishing gear. The lower shelf allows for storage of 5-poles with the tips sticking out the top of the cabinet. The rest of the poles are broken down and stored in a rack behind the full length poles. The doors have peg board on the back for storage of other hanging items.

Pole Storage

We also worked on other small projects, one of which was a removable cover to hide the water shut off valves for the washing machine. We ran into a bit of a design snag so Dan had to adapt his design with a trim piece to be added later.

Water Shut Off Cover

We also worked on hanging the bedroom and closet doors. We did not have doors on our last visit so this time the doors came along with the cabinet in the truck. Dan finished them at home so hanging and casing them was all that was needed today. This completed the interior cabin work, now it is time to move outdoors and begin work on a storage shed so all the outdoor equipment has a home out of the weather.

Bedroom and Closet Doors

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