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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - August 2014

It is a good thing we had our outdoor projects completed on Friday because the weather was not good all day on Saturday. We heard it raining most of the night and when we headed to the mountain today the clouds hung very low on the mountains above Philipsburg. We had a lazy morning of breakfast, coffee, and conversation. We did take care of a few finish details on the shed and a couple light switches in the cabin. Gary hung another blind so all the windows are now finished with very attractive Roman Shade style blinds.

Heavy overcast in the morning

Sandy and Gary mapped out an afternoon drive to see some sites even though the rain was pretty steady all afternoon. We left Philipsburg on Mountain Highway 1 headed north and just outside of town we went west on State Highway 438 (gray line on the map below).

Afternoon drive route

Half of our drive was on a very nice black top highway and took us through the low foothills area along Rock Creek. Most of the foothills were the rounded grass covered hills that we are used to seeing here. We rounded a curve and was surprised to see rugged red rock cliffs above the creek.

Cliffs above Rock Creek

About half way through the trip the road changed to gravel and for much of the distance it was rough with washboard ruts, but the drive was spectacular with the scenery that is not visible from the well travelled highways.

More red rock cliffs

We drove past a very large resort known as The Ranch at Rock Creek, which looked as exclusive as their web site indicates. The picture below is in this area with the unique rail fences that surrounded the property.

Rail Fences and red cliffs

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