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Our trip to Roy, Utah

  • First Three Days
  • Denver to Grand Junction
  • Grand Junction to Roy, Utah
  • Antelope Island and Hill Aerospace Museum
  • Bear Lake, Utah day trip
  • Roy, Utah to West Yellowstone, Wyoming
  • West Yellowstone, Wyoming to Deadwood, South Dakota
  • The final day of our trip was another long day of driving. We have traveled this route many times on our visits to Deadwood so there was little to do but set the cruise control and point the car east. I took a picture of our final motel; it is the tan colored brick section on the left side of the picture. This was a new building in 2002, the year after we stopped coming to Deadwood every year. This is actually all one building made to look like separate older structures. It is of course a casino along with a restaurant and motel. We did not leave any money in the slots, but did have breakfast here before departing by 8:00 AM.

    We made several gas stops and rest stops to break up the 10 hours of travel and of course would never miss the opportunity to make this rest stop. This is a picture of the Missouri River near Chamberlain, SD, one of our all time favorite views as we travel. The building on this stop has a full-scale mock-up of the boat used by Lewis and Clark during their expedition across the county. But the view is the best reason to stop.

    If I tried to pick a single theme for today’s travel it would be construction. It seemed that as soon as we got up to speed we’d be slowed down for two-lane traffic. And getting close to home did not solve this problem. The picture below was the detour we took as we exited Interstate 90 eastbound to travel south on I-35.

    After so many days of looking for road signs, navigating with maps, and watching for our proper turn it was so good to see the final sign of this trip. And that was the sign at our gravel road. We found the lawn needing a good mowing, the tomatoes and beans had survived the high temperatures, and the house stuffy. But there really is no place like home!

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