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Winnemucca, NV to Ogden, UT

Return trip begins

Thursday was another travel day, retracing our steps along I-80, and Dan staying right on track today. As many know much of the terrain through Nevada looks very much alike. But we did notice several striking changes along the way and offer several pictures of the scenes that whizzed past our window.

East of Winnemucca

As we began our drive this morning the view was low lying hills dotted with scrub brush.

Ruby Mountains at Wells Nevada

We pictured the Ruby mountains on our trip out, but this time we stopped in Wells for coffee and a quick picture of these mountains.

East of Wendover Nevada

As we got near the Nevada and Utah state line the mountains became more pronounced with many outcropping of rock offering us something different to look at.

Near Wendover Nevada

We snapped this picture just outside of Wendover Nevada, which is right on the border. And as we left Wendover we noticed a sudden change in the terrain. The mountains vanish and are replaced with the Utah Salt Flats.

Strange Sculpture

As we drove across the salt flats we decided we needed a picture of what we assumed was a sculpture of some sort. There are no signs to tell travelers what it is and since we don't want to be insulting we will leave you to judge the sculpture.

In the middle of the Salt Flats

We offer this wider view of the setting to show the setting of this "thing." When we got to our motel we did a little research and found that this is called, "Metaphor, the Tree of Utah". We learned that it was a sculpture by a European artist who purchased the land, developed the art, then returned to Europe. The article provided details on the project and also mentioned the "Emergency Parking Only" signs that we observed. We did not obey the signs as we wanted a clear picture of this art work.

Burger Bar in Roy Utah

When we arrived in Sunset we dropped Gary off at his house and then stopped off at the "Burger Bar" in Roy, Utah. Roy is the community next to Sunset so it was right on our way to the motel. Sandy had heard this place mentioned on the Food Channel and they are known, amoung other things, for their hand cut french fries. We enjoyed the casual dining (pick-up at the window and eat in the car) and the fries were worth the stop.

Downtown Ogden

We had nothing planned for our afternoon so we drove to 25th Street in Ogden to enjoy some of the vintage architecture and unique shops.

Historic Place

This was a historic place, it said so on the sign. It was one of the many "private clubs" in Utah that serve adult beverages. We didn't stop in since we had a couple antique shops that had caught our eye.

Horses in Ogden

We have seen other towns that have chosen to paint and decorate animals, boots, etc. and Ogden has chosen horses. We aren't sure, beyond the unique art, what the purpose is about.

21st Street Lake

As we returned to the motel we noticed a very pretty fall color scene and stopped for a few pictures. We weren't sure what it was called or what purpose it served, but did notice some bouys in the water. Just as we finished taking this picture a motor boat came roaring by with a skier in tow. Suddenly the bouys made sense.

Fall colors and water skier

A little closer to the motel we spotted this old barn falling to ruin behind a slick new white vinyl fence. Such a sad end to a neat old structure.

Old Barn

The final picture below shows a farm field with hay bails, fall colors, and the mountains behind. All within a half mile of our motel.

Field near our motel

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