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Our trip to Sunset, Utah

The spring and summer of 2007 has kept us very busy and close to home and Estherville. So now that the cooler fall temperatures have arrived and our projects are cooling down with them we decided to take a trip to Sunset, Utah to visit our son Gary. Our original plan was to continue to San Francisco to visit our other son Brain, but our procrastination on setting the date resulted in conflicts at his end. So we will take this shortened trip to Utah. We will add pictures along the way.

Route from Mason City to Sidney, NE

Our first day of travel began at 6:00 AM as we left the house and headed south on I-35. This took us to I-80 near Des Moines and from there we continued west until we reached Sidney, Nebraska. Like most travel days, we saw the entire traveled area from the interstate itself. We wanted to make good time and since we have traveled this path many times there wasn’t anything we wanted to stop to see.

Rest Stop Sculpture

Once in Sidney we checked into our motel, which is located right off the Interstate, then we drove into town to check things out. This small town has a very active downtown area and we drove by the Fort Sidney Museum, which was closed for the season. The original fort was built in 1867 to protect the workers as they constructed the Union Pacific Railroad through western Nebraska. It was originally located near what is now the business district and was called Sidney Barracks. This building is the Officer’s Quarters and was constructed in 1884, ten years before the fort was closed and the buildings sold at auction.

Fort Sidney Museum

We took a spin through Cabela’s, the first official Cabela’s outside of the Cabela brother’s home. The company got its start in 1961 when Dick Cabela took out an ad in a hunting and fishing magazine that read, "FREE Introductory offer! 5 hand tied Flies….25c Postage….Handling". This business began in Chappell, Nebraska and when it outgrew the space available in this small town it was moved to Sidney, NE. We always find something interesting to look at in the Cabela’s stores. Our picture of the bronze elk sculpture was taken from behind as the sun hindered us taking it from the from view.

Cabela's Sculpture

Our motel, as we indicated before, is located on the Interstate on high ground above the town of Sidney. The final picture is our view of the town, which is about 4 miles north of the Interstate. Tomorrow we depart for Sunset, Utah!

Sidney, Nebraska