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Our trip to Sunset, Utah

We began Sunday with a short drive from our motel to a park where the first white settlement in Utah was established in 1845. A Miles Goodyear established what he called Fort Buena Ventura, or Good Adventure at the confluence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers. The stockade included a few log cabins and pens for animals. The site is used today as part of the annual fur trappers rendezvous. These teepees were set near the pond that appears to be a manmade affair.

Unfortunately the stockade was closed so sticking my hand through a crack between two logs, I snapped this picture without aiming. The Miles Goodyear sold the fort to a Mormon settler in 1847 and moved on to the California Gold Rush. I found this a very significant piece of history as my family history research indicates that Joshua D. Breyfogle traveling to the California Gold Rush in 1849 stopped in Utah at a Mormon settlement to re-supply before moving on to the gold fields. It is very possible that this is settlement that his group stopped.

We met Gary after this short side trip and we decided to spend the morning visiting Powder Mountain ski area that is located about 19 miles from Ogden at the end of Utah state road 158. We passed through Ogden Canyon and stopped for a few minutes at the Pineview Reservoir to take this picture. You will note that in this 2nd week of September the trees are beginning to turn color, a real nice bonus for us.

At this same spot we were able to see the dam that holds back the water for use as a water source. Gary estimated the water level to be about 15-foot lower than it was in the spring when he fished this area.

It was a very pretty drive to the top of the mountain along a very winding road. Once at the top the road ended in a very large gravel parking area and we enjoyed a picnic lunch with the scene in the picture below. I would estimate the double spruce trees in the center of the picture to be about 60 foot tall.

We returned to Gary’s new place, a very nice looking brick duplex. We had planned to cook a meal today and after a bit of conversation we got to work on the pork and beef ribs. Or should I say, Gary got to work on them and I acted as an assistant with a camera.

The pork ribs were started with a “secret” rub and then slow cooked in the oven.

After an hour and a half the ribs went on the grill and were followed with some beef ribs

We were very pleased with the meal; here is a shot of the full meal, which included pork and beef ribs, hominy with bacon, baked potato, and biscuits. Wow. What a great way to finish up our visit with Gary.