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Our trip to Sunset, Utah

We departed Ogden about 6:00 AM and drove I-80 to the intersection of US Highway 287. This is a two-lane highway through a very pretty section of Wyoming and northern Colorado.

We entered Colorado with a partly cloudy sky but could tell that it had rained just before we got here as there were puddles and damp places on the road. This seemed to intensify the colors and made this welcome sign very true.

We enjoyed the ride and the scenery on our way south. The soil and rocks along this stretch of the road were very red, later this turned to darker granite.

This picture was taken near the Virginia Dale historical marker along the highway. The plaque indicated that about ĺ of a mile from this plaque was the famous stage station on the overland route to California. Joseph A. (Jack) Slade established the site and named for his wife Virginia. It was located on the Cherokee trail of 1849 and was a favorite campground for emigrants headed west.

This route provided us a diagonal path towards Fort Collins and although the speed limit was slower we felt we made good time and got a great view of the front range of the Rockies.

Once in Fort Collins we enjoyed the evening with Dale and Danís niece Mindy. Of course Mindyís son Jace provided plenty of entertainment once he got used to us.