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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2011

Where did 2011 go? It seems that spring and summer flew by and now it is late in October and we are taking our first opportunity to travel west to see Brian and Gary. Unfortunately Brian's work schedule changed at the very last minute so his plans to join us in Sunset, Utah were cancelled. But we were committed to the trip so headed West on Wednesday October 25, 2011. We started out at 7:00 AM and about 8-hours later checked into our motel in North Platte, Nebraska.

Buffalo Bill Ranch House

With the first leg of the trip behind us we set out in North Platte to find something of interest. Our first stop was the Buffalo Bill Ranch just north of the town. This 16-acre park includes the 1886 home built by Buffalo Bill during the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show heyday. The park was closed but we were able to walk some of the grounds to see the outside of the house and barn. A brochure informed us the house was built at a cost of $3,900 and had an addition in 1909.

Buffalo Bill Ranch Barn

Buffalo Bill owned about 4,000-acres in this area and raised livestock, including thoroughbred horses and high-grade herfords, shorthorns, and polled-angus cattle.

Buffalo Bill Ranch Pond & Stream

There is a stream running through the property and had a small dam to provide this beautiful pond. The cottowood trees were in full color and were fantastic examples of old trees that have been on this site for many years.

20th Century Veteran's Memorial

Our next stop was the 20th Century Veterans Memorial on the south side of Interstate 80. Construction on this memorial began in November 2001 and features some very unique sculptures.

Memorial Bronze Sculpture

There are larger than life bronze sculptures representing each branch of the service and feature suclptures for all the 20th century military engagements.

Brick Sculpture

We were very impressed with the large brick wall that was made of sculptured brick, the detail is amazing, and until you get up close it is difficult to see that it is actually individual sculptured brick offering 3-D images.

Canteen Worker Sculpture

There is also a sculpture depicting the canteen worker that provided support to the troop effort at the railroad canteen during the massive troop movements through this area during WWII. And her basket is full of cigerattes, candy bars, and apples.

Basket full of items for soldiers

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