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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2011

Thursday October 27th was another travel day, this one was longer than Wednesday. We covered over 600-miles, leaving North Platte at about 7:30 AM. The time change occurred shortly after leaving so we picked up an hour by the clock and luckily we were able to make good time without getting tired on the road. We heard about snow ahead of us, it started Tuesday night and reports indicated that I-80 was closed for a bit on Wednesday. Our first break was at Pine Bluff rest area in Wyoming. As you can see it was more than a dusting of snow.

Pine Bluff rest area

We took a couple more pictures and continued on west. We had heard about much colder temperatures than the 21 degrees we woke up to in North Platte and the car thermometer reported all the way down to 16 as we travelled between Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming. We hit a couple ice patches on the interstate and struggled with the heavy truck traffic. One advantage of travelling this late in the year is that we were only slowed for construction once and it was a short run.

Late fall snow at Pine Bluff

We did need to stop on the interstate while still in Wyoming as they had traffic blocked in both directions to move some sort of building across the interstate. It appeared to be a prefabricated building for an oil well or pipeline facility. We hit Utah by mid-afternoon and took a final rest stop, this is one of our favorites as it has the huge red bluffs as a backdrop and since our last trip out they have added a welcome to Utah sign.

Red bluffs at rest stop

We met at Gary's house and had a great dinner and conversation. We are planning a road trip to catch some fall color tomorrow.

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