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Travel Log

Travel, regardless if it is for a week or a weekend, is always a treat. In an effort to share some of our travels with family and friends we have established this page to share pictures and our progress on the trips.

Our Travel Hall of Fame and Shame

This is our longest trip both in miles and time and it takes us to visit family in Texas, California, and Montana. We also enjoy sightseeing at the Grand Canyon, Muir Woods, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Pipestone National Monument.
September 2015

We return to Philipsburg, MT for a couple small projects, sightseeing, a great time.
August 2014

A second working vacation in Philipsburg, MT - A true labor of love!
October 19 to October 28, 2013.

A working vacation in Philipsburg, MT - A true labor of love!
August 23 to September 5, 2013.

Our 45th Anniversary Day Trip

This year we travel to Sunset, Utah to pick up Gary and then on to Sausalito, California to visit Brian at his new home. (2012 Trip)

We travel to Sunset, Utah to visit Gary. (2011 Trip)

We travel to Sunset, Utah to visit Brian and Gary at Gary's home. (2010 Trip)

This extended road trip will begin on October 16, 2008 and we will travel by car from Mason City to San Francisco.

COMING SOON - On August 2, 1968 we were united in marriage, so in August of 2008 we celebrated our 40th anniversary with a trip around central Iowa.

In September 2007 we drove west through Fort Collins to see Dan's brother Dale and to continue to Sunset, Utah to see our son Gary..

In August of 2006 we traveled from Mason City to Groton, MA to attend the wedding of Dan's niece, Kirsten. Along the way to and from the wedding we enjoyed a wonderful trip.

January 2006 gave us the opportunity to travel from Mason City to Naples, Florida. The trip home is the most interesting part of the trip for us.

In July of 2005 we drove from Mason City to Roy, Utah to visit our son Gary. Along the way we stopped to see Dan's brother Dale.

Ride with us aboard Amtrack to Denver, Colorado and then a side trip to Fort Collins and the surrounding area late in the fall of 1998.

This was our third opportunity for travel in 1999, join us here to see the sights of Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona. We used a short business trip as the basis for a short vacation in warm sunny Arizona.

It isn't the length of time that the trip takes or the distance traveled that becomes a memory. It is, in our opinion, taking time to be together. And this trip to Burlington, Iowa certainly qualifies as one of our fond memories.

2000 Visit

2001 Visit

The Black Hills of South Dakota hold many memories for us. I visited there as a child and we honeymooned there in 1968. We also took our kids there for vacation and over the last 3 years we have returned with Sandy's parents. As a result of all these travels we have gotten to know the hills pretty well, but each visit seems to bring new surprises. Here are some of our favorite places.

Travel with us to Iowa's neighbor to the South, Missouri. This was a short three day trip that allowed us time for sight seeing and some shopping.

This was our first opportunity for a holiday visit to Iowa's Governors Mansion. Terrace Hill, as it is known, is one of the best known landmarks in Des Moines, IA, and provides a look at the past here in Iowa.

Please click the image on the left to follow us to Seattle, WA and Boise, ID. This was our first trip out west to see both sons and a few of the sights of the Great Northwest. This trip was shortly after the 911 terrorist attack and although we were nervous about flying we had planned the trip and hated to postpone it.

Weddings are always a good excuse for travel and during a recent wedding in Boone, Iowa we booked a room in the beautiful Barkley House Bed and Breakfast. Click the picture on the left to see the wedding pictures and the B & B.

The Breyfogle Convergence 2004 was held in Berea, Kentucky. Travel with us on this short trip that included a worldwide family reunion of the Breyfogle Family by clicking the picture on the left.

In January of 2005 I had the privilege of traveling on business to Marco Island, Florida. Sandy traveled with me and we took time to visit friends and see some local sites. Click the picture on the left to travel with us to sunny (but cold) Florida.

Our planned vacation for July 2005 involved business in the middle of the trip, but since this business took us to Denver, which was on the way to Roy, Utah to see our son Gary we did not complain about the interruption. Join us on this trip as we will try to post pictures daily while en-route. Click the Luna Hibiscus on the left, this was the first picture we took on our trip

This travel journal entry is a day trip and not an extended stay. We had not previously attended a tractor and engine show, so this was a new adventure for both of us. If you are not interested in old tractorS, engines, and other farm related topics you better skip this trip. But if you'd like to view what farm life in Iowa was over the last 100 years and love the sound of old one cylinder engines "chuffing" to life, click on the 1939 Farmall F20 on the left.

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