Website Update Information

This page is designed to take you to the latest changes without stepping through all the previous pages. It includes references to items removed as well as added to this site.

January 16, 2004

I am nearly done with the updates that have been long over do. Today I concentrated on getting our luck photographs posted. Check them out on our Photo Page

January 15, 2004

Today's update includes some housekeeping changes that are not as much an update as a change that I felt was needed to improve the site. You will notice a change in the menu on the left side of the screen as it relates to photography. You will find several changes in the menu and the way to find subsequent pages. Other than those minor changes here are the new listings:

January 14, 2004

In a continuing effort to update our site here are todays updated pages:

January 13, 2004

As we mentioned when we made our move to this new server we realized that many of our pages had become dated and needed some added information. So we will begin adding this information before time gets away from us and we forget again. Todays update includes the following changes: