August saw a very odd weather pattern set in. We typically don't get a lot of rain in August but this year we had over a week of steady rain so the project has been on hold waiting for dryer weather. With dryer weather it was time to layout the sidewalks that we have thought about for a number of years. I started with a north/south straight section about a foot east of the barn top and this begins to curve to the west. When complete the walk will curve back to the southwest to provide a hard surface path past the west flower garden. I filled in the uneven surface below the forms with rock and sand mix and added washed river rock between the form and the barn top. Since this is being poured over an old concrete foundation I was unable to stake the forms down, so there are lots of odd braces to keep the forms in place.

Setting the forms

The days continue to go by faster than the projects we have to complete before the cold weather is upon us again. On the day before we left for a vacation I took an extra day off to get this section of concrete poured. I started at 9:00 AM with the overnight low of 34 degrees! But the sun warmed things up nicely and this pour was complete by noon, allowing us time to work on other small landscaping projects.

First section of concrete is poured