September 14 - 19, 2009

Summit of Milner Pass

Doug and Dale at the summit of Milner Pass (el. 10,759 ft.) on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. This picture was taken on the fifth day of our six day tour, while riding touring bikes through the Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Touring with Doug and Dale on their "Great, Early Fall Adventure"

We started planning a weeklong bike tour in early August 2009, and decided to follow the same course we took in the summer of 1982. This year's tour through the Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains would be much different from the 1982 tour because this year we rode fully loaded touring bikes. In 1982 our tour was all about covering this 250 mile course in three days while riding lightweight road bikes, and sleeping in motels for two nights. Dale used panniers on his bike, and Doug pulled a BOB trailer with his bike to carry all the essential equipment and food needed for six days of riding, and five nights of camping. We will remember this year's tour for many years to come because of near perfect weather conditions, and an unexpected abundance of Aspen trees adorned with beautiful golden fall colors exceeded our expectations. Clicking on the following hyperlinks will take you on a daily photographic journal this year's bicycle tour.

Day One Map

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Day Six Map

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