June 8, 2005

As a very young girl my grandmother Paris in Fraser, IA introduced me to roses. It was not a fancy rose garden, and there weren't row upon row of exotic varieties. Instead there was a single bush that Grandma always called her "Seven Sister Rose." This variety produces an abundance of roses that have a very short life, but what a show when it pops out. We missed taking a picture of this one by a few days; you will notice that the roses have all ready started to fade in the sun. But every time I look at this bush I am reminded of my grandmothers love for all her grandchildren and having them around her at her home in Fraser, IA. I know she would like this rose bush. We offer this close-up of a bloom to show the very busy structure of this rose. We have not "messed" with the color on this picture, the colors we see on this webpage are very true the actual flower.

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