June 9, 2005

For those that are following the Shop Project you will of course know that we built a new garden shed in the spring of 2004. This was a fun little project that provided a much-needed location for all my gardening tools and supplies, and I don't need to share space with Dan's shop stuff! I had fun planning the details of the shed and especially the plantings around it. My sister Lori found a wonderful old yard gate for me. It is just what I wanted, nothing fancy, just an old gate with a woven wire center. Dan hung it on the south side of my shed to act as a trellis for this Clematis. It will take a couple years for the roots to be established enough to fill out the gate, but for now it is providing a very nice display of deep burgundy flowers. It just started blooming on June 8, 2005, and we will keep an eye on it to see how long we have flowers.

Now that this Clematis is in full bloom I thought we should add it to the page. It really does make a nice accent on the end of my garden shed, don't you think?

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