June 23, 2005

One of my goals for developing a flower garden is not to get stuck on any one flower or type of flower. I like to see some difference in size, shape and texture, so I tend to mix things up to achieve this look. Many times I will plant a flower, watch it grow and then decide it would look better in another location. Dan gives me a bad time about all the transplanting but in the end he agrees that the varied look didnít just happen by accident. These three pictures are a good example of what I mean. The Babyís Breath above is so light and airy looking as compared to other more compact plantings around it.

Hiding in and around other plantings are these orange flowers that Dan reported seeing and described as, ďa yellow and orange flower that reminded him of a Daisy.Ē I will need to look these up since the name of them escapes me at the moment.

The final picture for today is a pretty little red bloom on this plant that have a unique bell shape. These are called Coral Bells and Dan has promised to get a better picture to show the shape of the delicate little flowers.

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