June 26, 2005

As I mentioned, Dan is in Mason City taking pictures of my garden during my stay in Estherville. But I wasnít a bit surprised that he took a picture of the Balloon Flower before it opened. I think this is his favorite flower as he always stops to look at this and keeps an eye on them even when I am around. We highlighted this flower in our regular garden page but will add more pictures of this as it continues to bloom.

As much as this page is supposed to be about the flower gardens and how happy they make me, Dan slipped this next picture in because he knows how happy I am when I get time with our grandson Levi. We visited our son Brian, his wife Crystal, and Levi this last weekend and I took this picture while Levi explored the pond at Brianís workplace. Gary flew in from Utah to make the family complete for a weekend birthday/house warming party. Thank you Crystal and Brian for making this possible and thank you Gary for taking time away from your work. We had a great time.

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