Winter 2001 Page

Winter comes early in Iowa and often stays late, and this year is a prime example. We had our first snow by Thanksgiving and now it is the middle of February and we have more to deal with. It has been quite a while since we have had this much snow in one season so we thought it best to display a few images that will help us remember this winter.

The scene above is typical of Dan's entertainment this winter. It seems as though not a week goes by that new snow didn't add new landscape to our property or that the wind moved it around to new places. We bought a new snow blower this year when the other broke down in December. As you can see, it was put to very good use.

Both of these images were taken as Dan blew his way out the drive towards the gravel road that runs in front of the house. This area is very prone to drifting as the Northwest winds drop snow on the SE side of the shop. Looking from the road towards the house you can see that the drifts cover the entire front lawn with a thick blanket of white.

Along with the snow we also got some ice, nothing that would do damage to any degree, but enough to add an interesting look to the trees and shrubs. The image below is the ice covered branches of the dogwood shrubs that line the front yard.

The image above was taken behind the machine shed looking West towards the back of the property. The tree just left of center is the best guage of how deep the snow is. The tree crotch is ab out 7 feet above the ground level, and as you can see the snow is nearly up to it. Below this snow lies a 3 foot high picket fence that we lost sight of in early December.

At this writing winter is far from over, but the days are growing longer and the sun is warmer so the icey grip of winter will soon pass, and we can't wait.

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