Photography Sunset Page

Sunset on Highway 18 in Cerro Gordo County Iowa, November 4, 2001

As you have probably noted we used the same image to start this page. Like so many others sunrise and sunset scenes are one of God's wonders and the scene above was so dramitic that we stopped the car as we traveled west on Highway 18 to capture the scene. It was one of those moments in life that we just celebrated the fact that we were alive and could enjoy such a scene.

I guess we should have named this page "sky scenes" since we will use this page for anything that involves the sky, that is clouds, storms, sun rise and set, well, you get it. Here are some of our favorite shots, and for most we did get lucky.

Sunrise over a farmstead in Iowa
Sunrise over an Iowa Farmstead, November 2003

Moon setting through the trees

During early January 2001 I was so impressed with the moon setting each morning that I had to snap a picture of it. This was taken from the sunroom window with no flash and trying to hold the camera stready for a time lapse picture. Unfortunately the darn camera never sees exactly what I see. the moon was very clear and sharply outlined in the clear 6:00 AM winter sky.

Sunset as seen from our backyard

Thunderhead after a storm, looking Northeast from our front yard

How's this for lucky? Sunset from our back yard. This one is a keeper.

Sunset looking Southwest towards Mason City, IA from our backyard.

Sunset looking South from our backyard.

This is our Iowa winter scene sunrise as seen from our front yard.

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