Photography Backyard Page

Black and white photo of our old plow
Flower Garden Plow, Winter 2000

We doubt that most professional photographers would be surprised at the premis of this page, but many of us non-professionals often fail to look for photographic inspiration right in our own back yard. But at times we see familiar objects in our yard that we just need to snap a picture of, and sometimes we get really lucky and they turn out great.

So we begin this new page with the black and white picture of the old plow we moved around the state with us and finally found a proper home in our flower garden. We did not record the actual date of the picture but it is marked as April 2000 by the photo lab so we suspect this was a late winter storm that left wet sticky snow clinging to everything. By the way we did shoot this with black and white film that we had in the camera and were very pleased with the contrasting light and dark image.

Crop dusting before a thunderstorm
Iowa Crop Dusting before a Thunder Storm, June 24, 2000

Yellow Daffodil in Sandy's garden
Yellow Daffodil and Cultivator Wheel April 29, 2000

New weather station on cupola
Weather station on cupola, October 10, 1998

Unique snow drift
Snowdrift in front of old shop, January 3, 1999

Clematis on a trellis
Purple Clematis on a trellis, July 2003

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