Our Restorations

As much pleasure as we get out of creating new pieces from wood, there is also pleasure in taking an old object and breathing new life into it. Sometimes these projects are for our collection and other projects are for others that bring us the opportunity of restoring their family heirloom. Some will argue that an antique should never be restored, rather it should be left as time and use has altered its original appearance. This page is not intended to become an editorial about this line of thought, rather is will be a record of some of our work where restoration seems like the right course of action for an antique.

Restoration is defined as:

  1. The return of something to a former owner, place, or condition.
  2. The process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition

In some cases restoration may only be a bit of soap and water to clean the years of dirt and grime off an object, in other cases it may be complete disassembly and refinishing all the pieces of the object. And in some cases our work may require the fabrication of missing or damage pieces that prevent the object from being used and enjoyed. Regardless of the level of restoration we present our projects as a record of our efforts.

Restoration Projects