1995 - Library Addition Photos

This phase of the project began with the removal of a 20-year-old Spruce tree and the excavation of the crawl space. We hired a professional to do the groundwork for this addition. The work consisted digging a crawl space area about three feet deep and a footing trench two feet wide and 5 foot below grade. This trench was filled with washed river rock.

The foundation was constructed of 2 X 6 pressure treated wood with 1/2 inch treated plywood on the exterior. The floor on this addition had two levels, one that matched the 1975 addition and the other to match the 1930 house. The lower level was the future bathroom for the Master Bedroom.

You can see this floor height difference in this photo where the framing attaches to the existing house. From this view you can also see how the Gambrel Roof constructed the year before ends abruptly, waiting for this phase to be completed.

In this view you can see that we have started framing the second floor bathroom above the future Master Bedroom bathroom. In fact if you look closely you can see the one-piece fiberglass tub that we installed before the walls were constructed.

This photo shows the front of the house with the roof framing nearly complete. Notice that we tied the area where the ladder is setting. This is a stoop area that is covered with a roof during the next phase.

This poor quality picture was taken just before sunset and shows the toeholds used during the application of shingles.

We were fortunate to get this addition closed up before the first frost. The weather cooperated but the roof framing was very complicated and slowed the progress. This picture shows the completed addition with the new barn shape. The windows on the left are the new library and bar areas. The 3-pane window is the extension of the living room. The entry window is the narrow window on the right.

And this shows the new addition with the 1930 house sticking out the side of it. We constructed temporary steps for the stoop, which we covered with rolled roofing to make it watertight for the winter.

This completed the exterior work on Phase 2; the interior work began in January of 1996. By spring the entry and living room was done. Work continues on the Library.