Second Floor Bedrooms

Sandy and I started to get the feeling that we would never see the day when the attic area above the 1975 addition would become the bedrooms we had planned. It seemed as though it became a convenient place to store things and as you can see in these pictures we had really loaded the space up with storage items and leftovers from other projects.

These two pictures were taken inside what will be the South bedroom that is above the master bedroom on the main floor. We stock piled the sheet rock three years ago for this project so have that to work around.

The cloth-covered pile on the right is more storage boxes that need to be moved before work can progress.

This image below shows a corner of the chimney that extends from the family room through the roof of the second floor. The main part of the North bedroom is straight ahead.

In this view you can see the large closet that will be to the West of the chimney for the North bedroom. The picture below is of the West side of the chimney before I got started framing around it. I did have the end wall stubbed in so I could get some wiring done.

This image is looking West at the chimney that has been framed around. The insulation is stacked against the North knee wall.

The chimney does not extend all the way to the North knee wall, which means we have a 2' square cavity that will not be included in the usable floor space. The walls around the chimney will be insulated since this will become part of the attic cavity.

The image below is of the West gable end louver as viewed from the South bedroom. We installed this for ventilation as well as access for insulating the attic space. Prior to sheet rocking this ceiling area I will build a damper to close this off during blizzards. We have had problems with wind driven snow filling attic spaces and yielding water stains as it melts and runs through the insulation. I plan a cable-operated damper that will be accessible through one of the knee wall access doors.

And so I left you hanging since February. Sandy and I got real busy with spring projects and didn't get back to working on this page. All the sheet rock is hung and taped one coat. The electrical is heated up enough to provide lighting and a few outlets, and the insulation is blown in the attic.

We were on a deadline of sorts, we had company coming for Easter and needed extra sleeping space. So we wrapped things up for the spring and cleaned it up to make them usable for now. We will return to this space this winter to wrap up the finish work and will add more to this page when that occurs.