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Our trip to Naples, Florida

The trip continued today with weather being the picture and the story of the day. We left Paducah, KY at 7:00 AM and drove through rain, fog, and mist all day. Late this afternoon as we approached Valdosta the clouds broke a bit and let the sun shine. We traveled a total of 616 miles in a little over 9-hours on the road. The picture below was shot out the window of the car at 70 MPH as we moved with the traffic through the Appalachian foothills. We were of course disappointed in the weather as we have not driven this route before and wanted to see some of the terrain along the way.

Appalachian foothills covered in clouds and fog

The picture below shows the Nashville, TN skyline as we zoomed through this city. We plan to return here on our way home and hope to have some quality pictures.

Nashville skyline

Since the weather was so lousy we did not make any attempt to do any sightseeing, instead continued heading south all day. We did stop at a few rest stops along the way and one of them was at the Nick-a-Jack Reservoir. We donít know the origin of the name but thought it was so unique we wanted a picture of the sign.

Odd name for a reservoir

I did try to take a couple pictures of the lake and this is the only one that turned out well enough to display here. We could hear a train off towards the lake and when a bit of the fog cleared for a moment we saw a very long train pulling automobile carrying train cars at the base of the foothill on the opposite side of the lake.

Foggy reservoir.

About midday our route took us through Atlanta, GA. Again, lousy weather kept us focused on driving south and Sandy took this picture through the windshield. The rain blurred the picture a bit but this was the best we could do at 70 MPH on an 8-lane interstate.

Rainy Atlanta

We arrived late in the afternoon at Valdosta weary from the drive. We didnít do any sightseeing preferring to rest up for the final leg of our trip to Naples, FL. Our trip on Sunday will take us to Bonita Springs, Florida. You can see our route on the map below.

Route for the third day of travel

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