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Our trip to Naples, Florida

Sunday was the final day of our Naples, Florida trip, and what a day it was. We traveled through 6 states, drove 911 miles, and spent 15 hours in the car. Whew, no wonder we’re tired. It rained overnight and we were both awakened at 4:30 AM to the sound of rain on the roof of the motel, but decided not to crawl into the car until later. At 7:00 AM EST we started towards home knowing it would be a long day. The rain had stopped and as the sun came up the skies began to clear. The picture below is the Nick-A-Jack Reservoir that we saw through the fog on our trip down to Florida. It still looked a bit rainy but we were able to walk around a bit at the rest stop and took this picture using the time-lapse feature on the camera, steadied by a picnic table.

Nick-A-Jack Reservoir

A long travel day leaves little as a subject for pictures. We had noticed a Stuckey’s on our way south and determined that this was a must see site for the trip back. Now for those of you that wonder what the big deal is let me explain. Stuckey’s is a gas station/souvenir shop that we remember from our youth and from our early adult life. But then they disappeared from the interstates. They were so recognizable that it seemed strange to see one, a little like going back in time. We of course had to buy a pecan log (candy), which they are known for, and of course look over all the gift items they offered to the passing tourists. We did find they have a website and it tells us that they are trying to make a comeback, so watch those interstate exits, a Stuckey’s may be right around the next corner. If you'd like to know more about the history of Stuckey's follow this link.


The drive was pleasant; we sailed through the larger cities with ease and were again impressed when our route took us past the Arch in St. Louis, we are planning a trip back to see this attraction in the future. By sun down we were both getting a bit fuzzy headed, but pressed on and just south of Iowa City it began to rain and turned to snow before getting home. Luckily the temperatures stayed high enough to keep it from freezing or turning to ice. And that ends our trip, we hope you enjoyed traveling with us. Now it is back to the real life.

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