April 9, 2005

I worked all day long and have very little changes to show for the work. I fussed with the 2-1/2" maple hardwood edging for the bench top most of the morning. I milled the edge out of a 1 X 4 piece of maple by riping it in half making two 8 foot pieces of maple 5/16" thick. I ripped it to width and then rounded the edges slightly and then carefully fitted it to cover the edge. It glued and nailed it and sanded all the edges to finish if off. Then I trimmed out the base cabinet before priming it. The last project of the day was to apply the first coat of varnish to the bench top. This varnish is intended to seal the top so that liquids will not damage it later. The image below shows the plugmold that I cut to length and painted, awaiting installation on the cabinet.

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