August 18, 2004

I thought the rain shower that moved through here late in the day would stop me from working on my project with the furnace flu. But the rain stopped just in time for me to cut a hole in the roof and installed the falshing and final piece of pipe. I picked up a three foot section today that was exactly the right length. I used my level to mark the hole location on the under side of the roof and pounded a nail up through the center of where the hole would need to be. Once on the roof I removed enough shingles to make the cut.

I went back into the attic space and checked my clearance between the pipe and the roofing material. I was a little close so I used a chisel to remove enough sheathing to maintain the full inch of space specified by the pipe manufacturer. I finished up the evening cutting strips of plywood to act as gussets to connect the cedar band, siding, and pressure treated plywood together around the outside walls. I got a few installed but will work on them more tomorrow night.

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