August 6, 2005

We had a cool front move through here at the end of this last week and this was very welcome as today's project was pouring the stoop for the new storage building. I started by setting a pipe along the building for my screed to rest on then I installed the rerod. I also dug a shallow trench in front of the overhead door to fill with concrete. This will be the skid that my ramp rests on. I could have used foundation grade pressure treated material but I forgot to order it when I order the rest of the material, which is special ordered by the lumber yard.

The picture above shows the "concrete truck" in position for one of the last loads that we mixed. Like before we mixed this in the shop driveway and hauled it out in 5-gallon buckets. And the last picture shows the finished project. I used a broom finish and will remove the forms tomorrow.

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