August 16, 2005

Tonight's project looked pretty tough when I started so I took a before picture in case I wasn't able to finish it all. I wanted something to show for the owrk of moving the rock pile away from here. I used the wheel barrow and moved the rock to the east side of the shop to fill in some thin spots in the landscaping. Don't let the shady setting fool you, the humidity was pretty high and there wasn't much breeze to keep me cool and the bugs off. But I moved it all and got the first 4 foot section formed. This concrete is going to be scored every four feet in both directions for a decorative look and since it is going to be hand mixed I am going to pour it in small sections. I learned my lesson on the new storage building pour. It was just big enough that as I continued filling the form on one end I was troweling the setting cement on the other end. Pouring a smaller section will prevent this problem.

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