August 22, 2005

I had hoped to have the next form completed yesterday but the late start prevented it. So tonight I started work on the form that will be for the concrete along the south wall of the shop. The concrete will be level east and west along the shop but will fall to the south for drainage. I began the form by using concrete screws to attach a temporary support to the concrete poured on the weekend. Then I added a 1/1/4" strip of wood to the bottom of a 16' 2 X 4 to raise it to the proper height. I will move the 4 foot form after each section is set. It will slide along the re-bar that will tie the whole piece together. I finished up by filling the bottom of the form with sand/rock fill. This will save on concrete and prevent the new concrete from sticking to the old concrete, which is full of cracks.

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