February 28, 2004

The first picture for this update needs a little explaining. You are looking at a design flaw that I did not even think of last year. I started the day by painting the finish room and when I went out to the hydrant to clean the brush I was pleased to see the water run down through the rocks as planned. But when I went back into the shop I was greeted with water bubbling out of the spare conduit. This water came from the utility box outside that filled with water from cleaning the brush. I will need to seal all the conduits outside to prevent this happening again.

There was nothing to do about this except get the water cleaned up when it finished coming through the pipe. As I indicated above the first project of the day was to apply two coats of paint to the walls in the finish room. The color is a light gray although it is hard to see the color in this picture.

The rest of the day was spent working on the wiring in the office area. This single picture shows the entire afternoon's work. I started by piping the telephone line into a box that will be the demarcation point. I then installed a flexible conduit between this box and the communication junction box. I will use this larger junction box to distribute the phone lines as well as the coax from the house. I also installed a 3/4 PVC from the communication box into the attic space. I also installed a special cable from the communication box to where the computer desk will be. This cable has two Cat-5 cables and 2 coax lines. Right now I don't have much use for this much cable to the shop computer but it sets it up for the future.

Speaking of design flaws, the picture above shows another error I made when doing the grading of the new drive and the lawn. This puddle is fed from the snow melt from the north half of the lawn and since the driveway is higher than the lawn the puddle is getting out of control. The last picture is just for fun, I took this little guy's picture as the snow was building up around him, now the warm temperatures are melting his snow cover.

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