February 12, 2006

Here it is nearly the middle of February and I am just getting started on the shop project again. With the long break between work dates it was a little tough to remember where I left off. I did a bit of cleaning in the shop first and then completed the work on the bottom drawer below the radial arm saw. I had it built but needed to attach the drawer glides and cut and install the drawer front.

The top drawer was one I built 25 years ago and is fitted with dividers for all the radial arm saw accessories so I wanted to continue using it. I removed the original front, which was made from salvage particleboard and installed a new MDF front. I also completed the drawer by installing solid wood strips on the 5/8" plywood sides and dividers.

The bottom drawer will be used for small gluing clamps and at this point I do not have any plans of adding dividers. When I had both drawers completed I applied a coat of gray primer and set them aside to dry.

The final project of the day was to begin the bench for the wood lathe. This piece of equipment has been the most under used and ignore piece of power equipment I own. I purchased in over 25 years ago but as of this date only have a few chisels. In the old shop I had constructed a tip up design so that the lathe was out of site, but for the new shop I want it out were I can use it. I started this bench using the top from the old shop and then added a couple sides for a base. I have a lot more work to do on this but for now it is mounted in a permanent location.

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