January 16, 2005

I was distracted from the shop project this weekend but did get some time to work on it by the middle of the day Sunday. My first and most important project was to get the main waterline connection repaired. The plastic fitting you see in the picture above just would not seal up around the threads. I cut the horizontal copper line on the shop side of the main shut-off valve and then removed the fitting from the plastic waterline. I replaced the plastic fitting with a cast brass fitting and then installed a copper union to reconnect the cut waterline. The red arrows point to the union I installed.

It didn't take much effort to reassemble the line and this time it sealed up tightly. I will leave the crawl hole open for a while so it dries out. The rest of the afternoon I worked on a complicated project on the hobby bench. This is a series of shelves to hold the small parts bins and it took some careful planning to get it designed. I finished up by priming the inside of the unit as I slipped it together. This is one of those cabinets that can only be painted before it is assembled. The side is just standing in place as I want to give this all one more coat of paint before making the installation permanent.

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