July 24, 2003

It looks like this is the last of our cool dry weather according to the weather guessers, so I made the best of it by getting the rest of the digging and forming done on the LP tank pad. I also dug a trench that will be used for the LP line as well as the communication conduit. I have a telephone line buried with the water line but want to add a conduit for coax cable and possibly some Cat 5E (high speed phone wire) to be used as part of the security system. The communications conduit will extend under the LP tank pit and head for the house along beside the driveway. My plan is to stub the conduit off for now and continue it at a later date. The digging is so tough in all the buried rock that I don't want to take the time to finish it right now. The red arrow points to the trench I dug, it is about a foot deep and will get backfilled with an additional foot over the top.

We are leaving for Omaha tomorrow so there will be no work or reports until at least Sunday or possibly Monday.

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