June 19, 2004

The weather turned around again and now it is so nice it is hard to think that it was ever bad. It dropped down to below 45 last night but the skies were sunny and it warmed up nicely as I started my first project. I made a couple hinge pins for Sandy's old gate so we could hang it and she could get a flower planted. I used a long 1/4" lag bolt and started by cutting the head off it. Then I heated it up and used a hammer and the vise to bend it 90 degrees. The purpose of all this is to hang the gate on the side of the shed without modifying the gate itself. I used a hook on the other side to hold it close to the shed.

I then started to work on the computer cabinets. I used 3/4 plywood for the tops and made a double layer that is glued and screwed together. I laid the black granite on the right desk just to make sure it all worked out the way I planned. A also got all the baseboard installed. The baseboard is 8" high and will have a 1/2 trim piece on top of it.

The plinth block acts a base for the casing and is thicker than the baseboard and casing to provide a reveal between them. The top of the casing has a new feature, I decided that it needed more than just meet the casing, so I fabricated this small piece to trim it off. The top piece of casing will be about 6" high and will also have some sort of top cap on it.

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