May 29, 2005

We attended a high school graduation celebration Saturday and Sunday so I wasn't able to get anything done until late this afternoon. I completed the maple edging on the bench top and then routed a 3/4" wide groove in the top oneither side of the miter boxes. This groove accepts the red track that will act as a hold down for cut stops. In the past I would nail or screw a temporary block to the bench top to act as a cut-off block when making multiple cuts, but this makes a real mess of the top. The picture below shows the hold-down piece that will hold a piece of scrap wood up to an inch thick anywhere along the rail. I have 6 foot of rail to the left of the miter box on the west side of the radial arm saw and three foot to the right of the miter box to the east of the radial arm saw. I also have a strip across the radial arm saw bench top. I needed to route this groove prior to applying varnish to the top, which is the next step.

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