November 5, 2003

Its down, the darn ugly old shed is down all the way. I started out by cleaning up the roof sections that were leaning against the east wall so that they would not interfer with knocking down the last two walls of the shed. Once the roof framing was removed I determined that it was not the corner post that was holding the whole thing up, it was the second pole from the corner. This pole had been replaced at some time by a previous owner, which was obvious since it was a heavily treated post and the rest had no treatment at all. So I got the chain saw out and made a cut about 3 inches deep and could see the cut start to seperate so I stepped back and enjoyed seeing the two walls crash down in perfect unison.

I used the tractor jack (I don't know the real name but associate it with jacks used by farmers on heavy equipment) to remove the post later and and found that it was not rotted at all and it was buried three feet in the ground. So this single pole is the only thing holding a major portion of the shed upright. I worked until dark getting the south and east walls cleaned up and piled on the cement.

The picture above was taken as soon as I dropped the last two walls. I was so excited by the view of the new shop that has been blocked by the machine shed I just had to take a picture. Of course there is a lot of mess to clean up, but that won't take long now.

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