November 9, 2003

I was unable to work on the project until late Sunday afternoon but when I did get back to it I made short work of the west wall that was still lying where it dropped. I began by pulling the roof framing apart that was on the top of the wall sections. There was a lot of rotted wood on this section of the roof so it didn't take long to get the fire pile built up enough to light it and begin burning off the wood as I pulled it apart. I stopped to take these pictures before I lost my light and then went back to work and finished tearing the remaining west wall apart. I got all the siding stacked on the cement and weighted down so the wind will not blow it around. You can see my method of removing the metal from the wood framing. I pry it up enough to step on it and pull the nails through the siding. Once I get enough of it loose I put a bucket under the framing and continue walking beside the framing to complete the removal. The only remaing wall section to be torn apart is the east section that was the first to go down in the collapse.

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