November 1, 2004

How in the world did it turn into November 1st? Somehow the days and weeks spent working on our projects have turned into months and now winter is very near here in north central Iowa. The weather turned sour again, rain all day and temperatures in the lower 40's. But I wanted to get a little work done tonight so braved the cold wet weather. It was dark by the time I finished so the only picture is a pile of rafters that I removed yesterday and again tonight. The dark wet ones are tonights's work. I wanted them pulled off the ridge pole since their weight was forcing the south wall outward and with the rain I was afraid the whole thing might collapse like the machine shed did a year ago. I would not mind if it came down but was afraid that it would come down and block the driveway. So now the ridge pole remains and is pulling towards the old shop so if we get any wind with the rain I won't have a problem getting out of the driveway.

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