November 26, 2004

These two pictures don't really look like a whole days work but that is exactly what it represents. The first project today was to make a 2 X 4 block to support the copper pipe that will be the air line in the table saw cabinet. I was afraid with all the work I had planned that I would step on the line or kick it. The big project for the day was to get the dust control system from the old shop hooked up and tested. I had some concerns that it would have enough power to drag the sawdust all the way to the garage. But my fears were put to rest when I tested it. But I am getting ahead of myself, when I pulled the temporary cap off the 4" PVC line in the garage I found water in the pipe. I do remember that I left the ends of this line open for a week or two when I was pouring the foundation and with all the rain there was what I thought was a small amount of water left in it. But when I filled up a gallon can with water using a rag to dip it out I decided I needed to get the wet/dry vac to clean it out. There was over 6-gallons of water in the pipe as it turned out.

I used a few odd combinations of pipe fittings to temporarily connect the machine to the 4" line. I did not want to make any glue joints since I do not know what the configuration of the final dust control system will be like. I hate to mess up the connection to the 4" line since it is poured into the concrete floor. Once I tested the dust control system I went back to work on the electrical control for it. I plan to use a low voltage control syste for this eventually, but for now I ran wire from the back of the table saw out to the garage and installed a temporary box so I could switch the outlet. The red arrows above point to the new 3/4" conduit I installed along with a junction box. The odd patch of the conduit is to allow the table saw access door (blue arrow) to swing open. I also fixed up the jointer by shortening the cord and leveling it in place. I do have plans to connect this to the dust control system eventually but for now it has its own collection box for the wood chips it produces.

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