October 9, 2003

I got a late start tonight but was able to spend the entire time working on nailing on batts. I ripped enough extra last night and used up as much of the short pieces left from the gable end pieces as I could. The picture below shows the bottom of the batt and the detail I used all the way around the shop. After cutting to length I used the router to put a 45 degree bevel on the bottom. This adds a nice trim look.

The other small project tonight came about because I was having trouble setting the ladder as I neared the east end of the north side. The dirt left piled from digging the foundation has given me trouble with every steo of the project but I have been reluctant to take time to level it out until I get the bulk of the building done. So I grabbed a shovel and backfilled around the corner and was able to set the ladder properly, and make things look better around the corner.

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