October 10, 2005

Tonight's work was primarily in the shop, the pile of material pictured above is what I used to construct 5 post covers (see below). The 4 X 4's that I used for the posts on the new deck were left overs from several sources. Two of them are redwood posts from the original house deck that we removed during our first remodel. Two others were left overs from a privacy fence I constructed the first year we lived here and were pressure treated pine. And the fifth one was a short piece of 4 X 4 left from an unknown project and has been skating around the shop for a couple years. So instead of trying to stain them and have them look alike I decided to construct these rough sawn covers.

The cover consists of 4 pieces of rough sawn pine joined at the corners with rabbet joints. The base of the post cover has a 3/4 X 3/4 pressure treated piece attached so that the moisture that wicks under the post won't cause the post cover to rot. The bottom will be trimmed out with a cedar foot piece to cover this material. The top of the post is capped with a 5/4" cedar piece with the top cut off at an angle. Before quitting tonight I had all 5 covers assembled but will wait until tomorrow to install them.

We can certainly tell that the harvest season has started, we continue to get some really wonderful sunsets with all the dust in the air.

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