September 1, 2003

August is gone and this is the first day in September and we used it as a recovery day. We say recovery since the last two days of truss setting took a toll on both of us physically. Achy joints and muscles were somewhat restored overnight, but our energy level was pretty low. I started by working on the overhang area in the corner between the 28 foot and 36 foot portions of the shop. I have been struggling with this detail for some time. My primary concern is that I don't build an overhang that creates a natural shelter for roosting birds. We had pigeions when we first moved here and see them occasionally. So I decided to extend this rafter a couple inches to provide enough overhang to cap off the wall, but not so much that it will provide shelter. If the gable looks a little strange it is because I am using the rafter tails that I cut off to extend the overhang.

The other project was to straighten out the east wall that had gotten pushed around a bit during the joist handling. Then I worked on the overhang framing for the east gable end. I used what is called a "dropped gable" truss for the east and west ends and the way this works is that a 30" 2 X 4 is nailed on edge on top of the dropped gable truss and spiked along the side of the truss beside it. This creates a nice overhang without needing to notch the outer rafter. I had to buy some 6 inch pole barn spikes to make the connection on the outside joist.

I finished up by getting three rows of sheathing on the roof over the garage. I will need another two rows to complete this side.

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