September 6, 2003

I started the day by finishing up the sheathing on the north side. I made quick work of the large sheets and had several to cut to complete the project along with framing the east gable end overhangs.

The next project was to set up a couple saw horses and a 2 X 12 at the end of the table saw in preperation for plowing a dado in all the facia. I order a little over 200 feet of 1 X 6 rough sawn cedar for this and needed this 3/8" X 3/8" dado to allow the soffit to slip into later. When I finished this I started nailing it on. I started on the SW side of the shop and worked around the building until I got to the east gable. Somehow it turned into 6:00 o'clock by the time I got to the east gable so stopped there for the night. Tomorrow I will finish this up and then start shingling!

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