September 27, 2003

Fall has certainly come to north central Iowa, today it was partly cloudy and did not get above 60 degrees. The wind was gusty out of the northwest and this combination meant it was a chilly day at best. I began work by removing the walk-in door from the machine shed for installation on the new shop. This door was purchased new about 6 years ago in a renovation of the machine shed and had not been painted during this time. You will see some fading of the factory primer caused by the sun through the combination door that was installed over it. As you can see in the picture above it was also moving day. Sandy moved all the lawn equipment out of the machine shed and tried to find places for it so that it wouldn't be in the way as construction continues. You can also see that I used some left over siding to cover the south wall in the door area. I had to prewire the outside light and a couple switches before insulating this area.

The other project on this door was to cut in a new window that I ordered from the lumber yard. This is an insulated glass window intended for installation in a door. The flat steel door was fairly easy to cut with a sabre saw with a metal cutting blade. The door has a styrofoam liner and no other bracing or interior surprises. The door of course will get a coat of bright red paint once we get things closed up a bit more. You can also see the box for the light fixture and the outside outlet that I installed between the doors.

I thought I would throw in a shot of the machine shed after I removed the walk-in and overhead door, kind of sad he? The old building will be the subject of much salvage and then torn down but it will look pretty tough from this point on. I have not mentioned the overhead door up to this point and before you anticipate another TA DAA, it really isn't that time yet. I was running out of time so instead of leaving my tools and the yard equipment in an unlocked building I decided to get the overhead door removed from the machine shed and installed temporarily so that the building was secure. I installed the side rails and bolted the door back together with enough bolts to hold it up, but not so many that it will take too much time to remove it on Sunday. The plan is to remove it and exchange it with the door on the old shop. The old shop door is insulated and in much better condition than this one.

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